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Setlist & Thoughts from Breck

That was an EPIC weekend! Thanks to Joe and Aaron at the Friends of CAIC for putting on an amazing, sold out event for a great cause. Thanks to Bob and Scotty from KCMV/KSMT for having us in the studio and letting us play some tunes. And huge thanks to all of you who came […]

Set List Notes 11-6-2010 at Lodo’s

Thanks to everyone who came out for a terrific time at Lodo’s last night!  We had fun performing a nearly all-originals set, and the whole cast from Nathen Maxwell’s group was quality.  From the new sound system, to the new banner, and especially to the great new people we met, it was a class act […]

Setlist & Notes Woody’s Tavern Oct. 23, 2010

Thanks for a fun night at Woody’s!  It’s always a unique experience down there and we really appreciate those of you who made the trip down.  We’re very excited about our next 2 shows, opening for Nathen Maxwell at Lodo’s on Nov. 6 and the big CAIC Bash (they are expecting 1300+ people and a […]

Set List Notes 10-16-2010 at Pete’s Monkey Bar

Crazy, incredible, mind-blowing energy last night. The sound was amazing and the new light system kicked butt. It was worth every minute of the extra time and effort to dial it all in. Let’s do it again, soon.
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Recorded Live

Yesterday took us back into the studio to begin work on two more songs (specifically, “Hey Jane” and “Shoes in the Road”). This is always an exciting, stressful, and strange experience for me; exciting because of the potential of creating something special, stressful because of the uncertainty of the final product, and strange because doing […]

The A Game

Zen Mustache played a show recently at Pete’s Monkey Bar ( and had a simply amazing night.  It was a show to remember, with great energy and terrific performances.  Afterward, someone gave props to the guys in the band who brought out a lot of people.  I gave kudos to Geoff for putting together a […]

Switcheroo (“light” version)

If I recall rightly, I think it was BJ’s idea originally.  One night at rehearsal, between songs, while Justin was uncorking the wine and Kyle was perusing cover ideas on his phone, BJ wandered out onto the thin ice and suggested we try switching on our instruments.
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March Snow Doesn’t Slow Down the ‘Stache

Denver – Rte 36 was an ice chute.  Snow was forecasted to keep coming until midnight.  Heading down to Pete’s Monkey Bar on Colfax in Denver, we were worried that no one would show. 
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